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Jack DeVries

Web & Software Developer

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Notion Clone

I made a dynamic data-table inspired by Notion, using Rust (Axum web), HTMX, and PostgreSQL.

Song Maker Gallery

The Song Maker Gallery is a dynamic web application used by music teachers to present galleries of student compositions made in the Chrome Music Lab.

It currently has 708 active users, 729 galleries created, and over 34,000 student songs uploaded! It was built with Django, Django REST Framework, and PostgreSQL on the backend, and React on the frontend.

Visit the site and inspect the song thumbnails in your browser – they are all dynamically generated SVG on the frontend, with the backend serving representations of the song in the MIDI file format! The application uses roughly 20 times less storage and bandwith as a result of this optimization.


Open Source Contributing

In June, July, and August of 2021, I committed myself to contributing to CPython full-time. CPython is the reference implementation and most commonly used implementation of the Python programming language, and it contains the Python interpreter, standard library, and official documentation.

Many of my contributions were towards documentation, the most significant of which was my rewrite of the new documentation for __main__.

Eventually, I became more familiar with the huge CPython codebase, and I am extremely proud to say that my code contributions were eventually merged into Python standard library modules, including rlcompleter, tarfile, and argparse. I also wrote an interpreter patch in C, which became part of the implementation of the structural pattern matching feature introduced in Python 3.10.


Hard Working





I am excited to keep building and learning. Thanks for finding my site, and please reach out if you would like to be in touch!